I’m often asked, where you do you buy this food? I am a member of Thrive Market and I save a lot of money, buying healthy brands.

Thrive Market offers something for anyone who wants to eat healthier and live well, without breaking the bank. It’s a membership based business, like Costco or Sam’s, but it’s also a healthy online store like Whole Foods. It’s like Whole Foods and Costco had an online baby and out came Thrive Market.

It’s great to get the brands I love most without having to buy a case of twelve, like at Costco. Let me give you an example: I love the brand Acure for hair care. A single bottle of shampoo can cost $10.99 at Whole Foods, but I can get it at $5.95 at Thrive Market, and it’s delivered at my door. No more driving 60 miles to Whole Foods to get the brands I love. A yearly membership cost $59.95 and it gets paid out quickly with such great savings.

The website is easy to navigate and offers shopping by your particular values: Paleo, Vegan, Raw, Gluten-free, Moms… or you can shop by categories like Food, Beauty Bath & Body, Health, Home, etc. It’s easy to find any items.

What about Shipping?

Shipping is free with any order over $49. I usually put items in my cart when I realize I need them, and once I reach $49, I make my purchase. This way, I always get free shipping and I order every two weeks.

Thrive Market Stands on Values I Share

For every paid membership, Thrive Market donates a membership to a low income American family. The company is actually campaigning to enable low income families to use their SNAP program to buy healthy foods. In a country where 23.5 million people live in “food deserts” and don’t have easy access to brick and mortar grocery stores, requiring benefits to be used in-person creates an arbitrary barrier for millions of families. You can sign the petition here.

Offers of Free Products

Sometimes, Thrive offers a free product with a total purchase of $79, which I usually reach, and they add a free product to my cart, allowing me to discover something new. That’s always a nice surprise.

How To Get On Board

To become a member of Thrive, simply click here. You’ll have access to 30 days of free membership, and 30 days after your first purchase, you will be charged. This gives you a month to try out Thrive and see if you like it.

Thrive Market is now part of my shopping habits. I can count on them to have the best brands with the values I cherish: Gluten-free, Paleo, and NON-GMO. I know you’ll enjoy them too if you give them a try.

In health,