I hope my email finds you healthy and thriving. I know nutrition is a challenge while we are forced to hunker down but slowly, we will emerge from this challenging era with, hopefully 😉, a new appreciation for fueling our bodies the right way.

This is my segue attempt to bring you to my main subject, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

My own doctor, who’s also my Genomic Certification teacher, calls EVOO, the Nectar of the Gods. Sometimes he calls it, Liquid Gold.


Nutri…what? Let me explain. We all carry our very own, very unique, genetic in the form of DNA. Did you know that our DNA does not dictate completely our fate? We have control over our genes (about 80% control). Yes, it’s not because I am predisposed for Diabetes that I will have Diabetes (or Alzheimer, or Parkinson, or whichever disease you can think of).

The best way to describe DNA is this quote, and I can’t find the original author: our genes load the gun, our environment pulls the trigger. 

Our genes express themselves, whether positively or negatively. For example, the PTGS2 gene is responsible for production of inflammatory prostaglandins, which if the activity is UP regulated, the health consequences are NOT good (it can bring on unwanted inflammation). If you carry the G allele, like me, you have more chances to UP regulate the activity of the gene (remember, not good), but with a higher consumption of Omega-3, you can lower the gene activity, for better health results.

Based on Genome Wide Association Studies, it is shown that Omega-3s can DOWN regulate the expression of that gene. To make sure I lower the activity of the PTGS2 gene, I take a high quality fish oil every day, and I eat fish once or twice a week. It’s a simple enough solution.

And that’s what Nutrigenomic does: by altering my nutrition, I can alter the expression of my DNA, for optimal health outcomes.

One powerful Nutrigenomic food is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


In Nutrigenomic, EVOO is the best tool to use in achieving better health; it has neuroprotective polyphenols, which protect our cells agains oxidative stress and DNA damage. EVOO can positively impact several gene expressions: IGF1, FOXO3, SIRT1, PPARy, and can also affect the mTOR pathways in a good way. All that is due to several beneficial compounds, but one is major: OLEUROPEIN.

OLEUROPEIN is a phenolic bitter compound found in green olive skin, flesh and seeds and in the leaves of the tree. Oleuropein, or OLE for short, has pharmacological effects for better health. It’s anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral and a powerful antioxidant. It’s been well studied over the years


Several components are in play when looking to buy a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The cultivar, the ripeness of the olives at harvest, environmental factors like altitude, irrigation and use of pesticides. The oil extraction method is also important: does it use pressure, or heat or both? Is it a cold extraction using a centrifuge (better quality in my humble opinion)?

The provenance of the oil is also important, alas, there are several loopholes we need to be aware of as conscientious consumers. Take Italy for example. Italy has a great reputation for olive oil, but the truth is olives can be harvested, cleaned and pressed from Spain, Morocco and Tunisia, then shipped to Italy. Meanwhile, shipments of soybean oil and other cheap oils are also shipped at the same port and used to cut down cost of olive oil. How is that even possible? Look for labels that say “Packed in Italy” or “Imported from Italy”. This may mean you’re not paying for pure olive oil.
Other points of better quality of EVOO is the container: it should be dark glass bottles, or tin so light cannot affect the oil. Also, look for a “packed or produced on date” and a “best consumed by or expiration date” on your container. 


For several years now, I’ve been buying my Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a small family owned company called Kasandrinos. As years passed, I watched this wonderful company grow from tiny to thriving, and I was very impressed when they received their Organic Certification. The oil is from their family farm in Greece, and this year, all their containers are made of tin instead of glass, which is better to protect the oil, and ships so much easier.

And each container has the production date and the expiration date.

If you want to try Kasandrinos Olive Oil – I have several samples with me, just ask! Though I’ve been a Brand Ambassador for Kasandrinos for a while now, I haven’t really shared the importance of buying quality olive oil but studying GENOMICS has awakened me to its pharmacological-like health potential. (See this study right here)

If you’re ready to buy exceptional EVOO, you can visit my link at:

Stay healthy and active!